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Picture of a female client with her testimonial.

Horst asked me good questions that helped me discover how to implement new ways of living that I wished to experience. He was an understanding and sensitive coach who listened to my concerns and desires for a different way of experiencing life. I enjoyed this learning and am able to use several tools to stick to my results.

I also improved my thinking and am  more positive about life.

The biggest impact was creating and using my anchors of my future vision. I placed them in my apartment and they help me every day to shift my thoughts, actions and moods toward my vision.

-Jarmila Popovicova- Florence, Oregon

Picture of a Coach client with testimonial.

Horst, you have lovingly and masterfully lead me through one of the most difficult tasks of my life!!

We are both here in this 2020 Pandemic mess, and on top of this, I experienced significant life changing events:

Divorce, death of my 13 yo's father, I lost m best friend of 20 years... just to name a few.

I truly don't think I would be the person I am today without your leadership, your kindness, your focused service of getting me to focus on healing those holes without cigs.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

"Nobody around me gets me, but YOU do!"

-Acasia Dolphin- Sacramento, California

female coaching client in beautiful outfit.

"If you're looking to transform your Life, you have to be committed and willing to do the work. You need accountability and inspiration to set yourself up for success - and nobody is better for that job than Horst!

He makes it fun to push through the tough spots and constantly empowers you to truly see and love yourself along the way to realizing your dreams."

-Jessica Christine Bird- Florence, Oregon

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